Friday, October 30, 2009

Treats in the everyday.


That is what receiving treats brings me.

Treats are those little pieces of kindness we give ourselves. They are the things that make me smile. The things that lift me up when I am feeling down or burdened. The little things. They surround me daily, when I step back and take notice. They aren't always material things. They can be kind words from a friend. Encouragement when I need it most. They can be a smile, a hug. The song of a bird. The look of "pet me!" from my dog. The sun rising, the moon shining. A moment of silence. The whisper of God. A great cup of coffee. A good glass of wine. Dinner with my kids. Holding hands with my husband. Reading a book. Creating with my hands. Doing nothing.

Come to think of it, everyday is full of treats. No matter how big or how small. Gratitude for the lessons, hard or easy, that show up at my door.

I just have to remind myself to take notice and receive the treats that abundantly come. To be open. To be thankful. And then to give as much as I receive.

What treats have you received today?


  1. One of my best treats today has been reading your thoughts. Every day is full of treats, large and small. We only have to look for them...and then give thanks for our gratitude!! ♥

  2. Beautiful thoughts... I think you and I were on the same page this week! :)

  3. I love the way you articulated this. Thank you so much for sharing your week with joy. I am very much looking forward to hearing more from you next week.

  4. I so agree with you that it is the small things that surround us that are the real treats; and being grateful helps us pay attention.