Friday, February 19, 2010

Where have I been?

Good question!

I've been busy! In a good "I've been doing alot of quilting" busy! One of my new years resolutions was to start to become a person who finishes things. This is something that I fall way short on. I am great at starting. All the planning, the excitement! Then, low and behold, I get distracted. I get drawn to the next project, next idea, next best shiny thing! And then...there things sit. Neglected. Unfinished.

I don't know about you, but I HATE picking up a project I started months...ok...years ago! I have no idea where I left off. What my plan was. What to do next. It's so stressful! So then I let it sit some more.

Well! Not this year. I dug out all my unfinished quilts! Wow. I had a few surprises.

This quilt:

When I dug this out of my pile I had absolutely NO recollection of ever making this quilt. None. Oh boy. And to top it's finished! Well, at least the top is finished which means "finished" in my book. I had to think, and think, and think some more. Then I pulled out my files to jog my memory. This was a block of the month quilt I did back in 2003!! It started to come back. I think it was just the shock of the fact that it was finished that thru me! Now I just need to have it quilted. Joy!!

Next up, this quilt which I talked about before:

This picture doesn't even show it completed up to date. I have all the log cabins together and I just need to shop for border and backing fabric. Yeah!!

Then there was this quilt:

This was a Jacob's ladder quilt that I started in, dare I say, 1995. Yes, 1995. When I originally started the quilt I had some different fabrics that I replaced with the rust fabric I used. I didn't like it. So, I didn't finish it. When I pulled it out I had one border on and the other three cut. That's it! So close, but still unfinished. I was amazed that I found the borders. Sometimes I posses organizational skills that I don't know I have. So, I sewed them on. Finished!! Now I kinnda like it. Who knew?!


I also finished the lap quilt top that I pictured before AND got all four borders sewn on. I don't have a picture to share right now. This is a quilt that I'm going to try my hand at machine quilting in the near future.

So, in conclusion, I vow, to TRY very hard to not leave another quilt unfinished. Girl Scouts honor. It's just too much pressure picking up where I leave off!

Life is good.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Catching up

I have finally arrived to that place of "catching-up" with my life. Things that I put on the back burner have now moved to the front. Quilting is one of those things. I started quilting about 15 years ago. I loved it. But then, life happened and it got pushed back and put away.

Now I can begin again. I think those things we love never go away. They come back. It's the ebb and flow of life.

Quilting was re-ignited and waved hello. Frantically. I caught a glance of it again through my friend Robin who is new to quilting and quite the natural. We signed up for a block-of-the month club. It was a baby step. I had forgotten how much peace quilting brought to me and my life. I am so glad to be back.

These are my blocks thus far. My heart sings.

Next came the new sewing machine. I had been sewing on my trusty Kenmore. It served me well but was tired. It was time.
Nothing to terribly fancy but, oh the joy!

I then dug out all my old "works in process". Many. Too many. I need many more Friday Night Quilt-ins to catch up...but catch up, I will.

This is what I have been working on.

I began this scrappy little piece about 6 years ago. I just finished up the top and now I need to add the borders. I bought the material for that yesterday but since it has been so long since I have mastered borders, I am feeling a little intimidated. I may tackle that tomorrow.

This is a quilt that I began for my daughter when she was 9. She will be 21 in May. umm...yea.

It's a log cabin quilt that is suppose to resemble a starry night. Now that so much time has
passed, I am not sure I will applique the stars on. I will decide later.

What amazes me the most is I had forgotten how much I enjoy making Log Cabin squares. I am breezing thru this.

Then there is this. My non-traditional looking Grandmothers Flower Garden. I love to work on this when I am feeling the need to do some hand sewing and do this.....


Do the things that bring you joy!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Night Sew-in

Friday Night Sew-In

I'm going to participate! This is my first time. I am new to the quilting blogosphere. I have been working hard on some UFO's. VERY old UFO's. I pledged to myself that this would be the year I finished some up.

It helps to get a new sewing machine! Inspiration!

Pics to follow.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wishcasting Wednesday

Todays wish is What Dream to you wish to Explore?

Oh! EXPLORE!! Just that word stirs my soul. I wish to explore my pioneer spirit. I wish to explore the "outside" girl that lies deep inside.

I love nature. I love being outside. I NEED to be outside. I would be happiest living deep in the woods. Chopping wood. Gathering food. Living intimately with Mother Nature. Moving with the rhythms of the earth. Surviving on my own strength.

While many dream of visiting warmer climates, much warmer climates (I live in chilly Minnesota where the temp right now is -6), I dream of visiting Alaska.

I dream of adventure.

I can do that.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Creative Body and Beginnings

I have become inspired to try a few new things for 2010 to keep myself creative and open. One is the Creative Every Day Challenge. I don't know if I will be bound by the "every day" as much as being open to being creative every week.

This involved expanding my perspective and beliefs about myself and what I considered creative. When I contemplated and researched other people I believed to be creative, I discovered much about myself. It opened doors and windows to the small thought box I had on what was creativity. WOW. I, too, can be creative. I, too, AM creative.

If nothing else, that is enough. But, I will continue.

The first month Leah inspires us with the word BODY. Of course, my mind immediately goes to my body. Being a long time practitioner and long time out of practice yoga student, this is something I needed to bring back into my daily living.
Next up is journaling and creating art within that journal. I am not an "artist" in the sense of being about to draw. A gift I wish I possessed. But I love the written word and would like to begin a journal of my life. So I will use words and pictures. Dedicating a journal for 2010 and participating in the 365 Project, taking a picture every day. I will post those on Flicrk when I can figure it out.

At the current moment, my creative art is quilting. I am in love with quilts. When I see a quilt it makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I want to curl up in front of a fire with a great beverage and a great book. A quilt is grounding, comforting and infused with love. I have a few projects in current process, a few that I am vowing to finish up and a few planned for the future. One such project is Hazel's Diary: A Quilt-Along.

So, my friends. These are my goals. This is what I am hopeful this blog will evolve into. I am brand new at this, forgive me. I am looking forward to making many friends on the same journey. It is good to share.