Sunday, October 18, 2009

Be creative.

I love to be creative. I find joy in being creative.

I have always been an "idea" person. Ideas are always flying around in my mind. There is always a solution.

The biggest eye opening aha for me in this chapter was expanding my idea of what creative is. I tend to live in a box. I have rigid definitions of things. I use to think that being creative only had to do with art or music. I loved being shown how to expand and to look at even the things I do daily as being creative.

An example is cooking. I love to cook. I read cookbooks in bed. I have food blogs I read daily. But I never considered this as being creative. I don't know why. I now see the creative in this activity I just do out of love and adventure. What joy.

Now, the problem I have with being creative is follow through. I am a great "starter" and a not-so-great "finisher." I know this about myself.

I tend to let my feelings of fear and not being good enough stop me from moving to that next step of creativity, following the dream.

I guess that is where our next chapter falls into place. Risk.

I can hardly wait.


  1. I am always thrilled to see people's definition of creativity evolving... yippeee! Here's to creating a purposeful, colorful, and imaginative life! :)

  2. You are discovering the many ways that creativity plays a part in our lives. I hear you about being a "starter" and not a finisher...and you aren't alone in that. I think it's very yes, risk is going to hopefully help you turn a corner into going the distance with something you find creative as an outlet for what more you want in life.

  3. Yes... cooking, gardening, sewing, housekeeping are all wonderful ways to let your creativity shine!!! Thank you for such a wonderful post!