Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Creative Body and Beginnings

I have become inspired to try a few new things for 2010 to keep myself creative and open. One is the Creative Every Day Challenge. I don't know if I will be bound by the "every day" as much as being open to being creative every week.

This involved expanding my perspective and beliefs about myself and what I considered creative. When I contemplated and researched other people I believed to be creative, I discovered much about myself. It opened doors and windows to the small thought box I had on what was creativity. WOW. I, too, can be creative. I, too, AM creative.

If nothing else, that is enough. But, I will continue.

The first month Leah inspires us with the word BODY. Of course, my mind immediately goes to my body. Being a long time practitioner and long time out of practice yoga student, this is something I needed to bring back into my daily living.
Next up is journaling and creating art within that journal. I am not an "artist" in the sense of being about to draw. A gift I wish I possessed. But I love the written word and would like to begin a journal of my life. So I will use words and pictures. Dedicating a journal for 2010 and participating in the 365 Project, taking a picture every day. I will post those on Flicrk when I can figure it out.

At the current moment, my creative art is quilting. I am in love with quilts. When I see a quilt it makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I want to curl up in front of a fire with a great beverage and a great book. A quilt is grounding, comforting and infused with love. I have a few projects in current process, a few that I am vowing to finish up and a few planned for the future. One such project is Hazel's Diary: A Quilt-Along.

So, my friends. These are my goals. This is what I am hopeful this blog will evolve into. I am brand new at this, forgive me. I am looking forward to making many friends on the same journey. It is good to share.


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