Sunday, November 8, 2009

Play? Play! Play?

See that?  That is a wall.  Isn't it a lovely wall?  That girl.  That is me walking on that wall. Well, not really.  It's a stock photo.  But, this is what happened to me when I read the chapter on play. I hit a wall and in my mind, that is what my wall looks like.  Lovely.  It's a familiar place I hang out at from time to time. I like to walk on my wall.  Practicing my balance.  I find it fun.  It was something I loved to do as a child, come to think of it.  Trying to stay balanced as I walked on a narrow object.  Walls, trees fallen over streams, edges of the sidewalk.  I wasn't very good at it, but I liked to try.

So, back to the chapter on Play.   As I said I hit a wall.  I always hit a wall when I am presented with the thought of work vs career.  When I am told..."do something that you love and then you will have everlasting happiness.".....or something like that.  Those people who are always telling me that always seem to be doing what they love and making a very good living at it to boot. Don't get me wrong, I know there are people who can make that happen for themselves.  I know they worked hard to get to where they are at.  That is just not me, yet.

I have a job, or work.  I am thankful everyday that I have my job because I need to work.  But it is not play for me.  It is stressful and absolutely no fun.  But I do it.  It is what I need to do right now.  Support my family.  

I once tried to make something I loved into my job.  It didn't work out and that something I loved, I love no more.  So, I am a little leary of making my play into a career.  It changes it, for me.  But I think about it often.  

I understand what Martha was saying in this chapter.  That isn't the problem.  The problem is my sense of responsibility and reality of where I am in my life at the moment.  I accept that. 
And one day I hope that my choice of work is more play.  I think it will be. Someday.  Not right now. 

But in the meantime.  I am exploring my play.  I am doing more things in my non-working time that I love.  It keeps me balanced.

I am going to read what everyone else has to say on the subject to get more perspective.  Maybe something will get me over that wall so I can see what and perhaps who is on the other side. Maybe it will be someone  or some thought who wants to come out and play. 


  1. CHrista, I know exactly how you feel. There are so many books in the world, that tell you:
    you can be doing what you like, playful and artful and make a lot of money (and while reading, you think: why am I at these lousy 9 to 5 treadmill than?! what's wrong with me?).
    Or all these women that live with their soul mates. And he is ALWAYS good looking, ever so understanding, a good father, witty, smart and on a very high spiritual level.
    And you can HAVE all that too, if you follow my rules...
    But it's not so easy. There are carmic things, there are life lessons and I don't think, that a book like "Joy diet" can change your whole life. There are some gems in it and maybe there are some changes, but it's totally ok, being the one who works for money and NOT playing and let me tell you something else: You don't find your real career in looking on how you reacted on 9-11! ;)

  2. Being able to turn "play" into a full time job that carries a good wage and benefits...things we need in this day and age is not always as easy as it sounds. I say how you think about your job makes more of a difference. Years ago I used to describe myself as "just a secretary" as if that wasn't good at all (compared to what I ask myself now). Someone wise pointed that out to me and I stopped using the "just". And began to think about ways in which I enjoyed what I did and how good I was at what I was doing. The play? Finding passion? That came in other ways outside of how I earned my $$$. Some of Martha's ideas just aren't practical. I gave up on the book last chapter.

  3. Lawendula...We are on the same page. Life deals different cards for everyone. There are no quick and foolproof answers. Everyone has different paths to follow. Not everyone can follow their "passion" and make the world go around. I have learned to accept and appreciate where I am and the choices I have made that got me here. YES, you are is okay to work for money and find passion outside of work, as
    Sherrylee said. ...I agree. Looking at what we "do" as work with the perspective that no matter what, it is an important part of our paths and others. I have always felt that every job, from the most menial to the most "important' is just as valuable as the next. Working serves others and having a positive attitude towards it is what matters.
    Even though my job isn't "play" I still do it the best that I can with gratitude and attitude.
    While I don't always agree with Martha's approach or her perspective, I am trying to take something useful with each part. If not anything, it makes me think.
    Wise comments! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Your post really resonated with me - how easy it can seem sometimes for other people to make a living at what they love....and how not easy it is for me right now. But I was so impressed by your wall - it looks a lot more fun - and playful - than my wall, and I hope that image and all the feeling carried with it helps you skip past it speedily.